The World Map

The World Map of Khorvaire

The campaign will be beginning in the Breland region, possibly in the town of Sylbaran, Ardev or Cragwar, depending on where you’re all coming from. See other pages in the wiki to find out what and who is where and in what region.

Saving these images to your computer and opening them all full size will reveal much more detail. These maps are actually quite large!

The top map is slightly smaller, loads faster, and has a simple map-like look, while the bottom map is a bit bigger, more detailed, has more locations named, and is about 20x larger in file size. :P

(Note: This map, and all of Khorvaire, is from the Eberron campaign setting. Other than that sentence, I know absolutely nothing about Eberron at all. Please do not Google Eberron or Khorvaire, as it will probably tell you lots of stuff about it that will all be wrong because I’m not using any of it, and am making my own world. All I am using is the map and geography, and I guess the location names. Other than that this is a completely unique and original setting.)

(Oh, and ignore everything that says Lightning Rail.)

The World Map

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